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Rail Days in Spencer, NC

May 1, & 2 we traveled to the North Carolina Transportation Museum for their annual Rail Days. The event takes place at the Spencer Shops. The Shops include a large Roundhouse with working turntable, a Huge Engine Repair Building that is currently being completely refurbished, and a number of other buildings. There is plenty of rolling stock and fixed stock; steam and diesel. And best of all lots of train rides (even in the engines). This facility was a center point, thus major repair location, for the Southern Railway line from Atlanta to Washington D.C. A lot of effort was put into this property to make it a first class railway museum. I urge any train fan traveling through the Southeast to make a stop.

Watch for a secret code... ; )

While Beverly manned our show booth, Matt and I explored the facility and took advantage of the great train rides.


Matt his layout (Dad's design) and our show display in the Roundhouse

Matt next to a Norfolk Southern Breakdown Train

Matt next to the control booth on the Turntable

Wide view of turntable and Roundhouse

Caboose Train in the Background

Southern Railway Diesel on the Turntable

Matt standing patiently while SR Diesel rotating on Turntable

Matt notices SR Diesel starting to come around.

SR Diesel has come around and is ready to run over Matt

Matt decides he is going to drive this Diesel